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Modular Solution for Testing the Camshaft-less Diesel Injection Pumps
Find out how Marbed's modular solution enhances Diesel Injection Specialists' status as effective repairmen
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Modular Solution for Testing the Camshaft-less Diesel Injection Pumps
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Before the development of common rail fuel injection systems, there were several other technological approaches that were used for diesel fuel injection. Some of these approaches are still used today in certain applications where they are better suited than common rail systems.

Small diesel engines used in applications such as construction equipment, agricultural machinery, boats, generators, water pumpsforklifts, tractors, and aerial work platforms require compact fuel injection systems that are known as PFR pumps, as well as camshaft-less pumps or submerged pumps. Typically from 1 to 4 cylinders, even if exists very few with 5 and 6 cylinders. They remain an important and widely used technology today.

The challenge

After being disassembled, cleaned, and having necessary parts replaced, the camshaft-less pumps require testing and calibration before they can be used again. This is typically done by diesel injection specialists using a conventional test bench for diesel pumps.

The test bench is a specialized piece of equipment that is designed to drive the pump and supply fuel (typically a specialized oil with similar viscosity to diesel fuel) in order to simulate actual engine conditions. The technician has a test plan to follow which outlines the specific tests and measurements that need to be performed on the pump in order to ensure that it is functioning properly and meeting the manufacturer's specifications.

Because the PFR pumps are not equipped with the camshaft, testing and calibrating these pumps in a fast, efficient, and accurate manner can be a challenge, due to the wide range of designs and models from the different manufacturers (i.e. Bosch, Zexel, Denso, Stanandyne, Yanmar).

The solution

To address this issue, Marbed has developed a modular solution that allows diesel specialists to mount and test a wide range of PFR pumps on a single test bench. The center of this system is a calibrated universal cam box, which allows for the installation of the appropriate camshaft to match the specific pump being tested.

On top of the cam box, a range of interchangeable calibrated plates are available to hold the pump in place during testing. These plates are designed to fit a variety of different pump sizes and shapes and can be easily swapped out as needed.

Additionally, calibrated spacers are available to adjust the height of the pump during testing, ensuring that it is properly aligned with the camshaft and other components on the test bench.

By providing a flexible and adaptable system that can handle many different pump types and configurations, Marbed is helping to make the testing and calibration process easier and more accessible for diesel professionals around the world.

Why investing in Marbed's universal cambox?

One of the key advantages of Marbed's modular solution is its flexibility. Because it is a modular system, it is not necessary to invest in the full configuration all at once. Instead, specialists can start with one or a few components and expand their application as market requirements dictate. This makes it easy to adapt to changing customer needs and keep pace with new applications as they are developed.

By choosing to be equipped with Marbed's modular solution, diesel fuel injection specialists can increase their capabilities and provide a complete service to their customers. No longer will they have to turn away customers due to unavailable equipment, as Marbed's solution can handle a wide range of PFR pumps. This is a strategic decision that can help specialists stay ahead of the competition and build a reputation for excellence in the field.

Investing in Marbed's cambox should also be assumed as providing a money making machine. With this solution, specialists can develop their business and monetize their technical skills, enhancing their status as effective repairmen. By offering a complete service for PFR pumps, specialists can attract new customers and increase their revenue streams.

Finally, it is important to note that Marbed's cambox solution is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the market. As manufacturers develop new applications for PFR pumps, Marbed's cambox solution will continue to progress, ensuring that diesel specialists always have the most up-to-date tools at their disposal.

In conclusion, Marbed's modular solution for testing camshaft-less pumps is a valuable investment for any diesel fuel injection specialist. Its flexibility, adaptability, and constantly evolving design make it an essential tool for providing a complete service to customers and staying ahead of the competition in today's dynamic market.

Predefined configurations

Some predefined configurations are available and delivered in prestigious wooden boxes allowing store each component in a safe and organized way:

  • 9562-W - suitable for Bosch PFR..K from 1 to 4 cyls. (1 wooden box)
  • 9562-KW - suitable for Bosch and Zexel PFR..K from 1 to 4 cyls. plus Stanadyne, Denso mini, and Q pumps.  (2 wooden boxes)
  • 9562-KWY - includes everything as 9562-KW plus Yanmar, and Bosch PFM pumps.   (3 wooden boxes)
  • 9562-ZX - suitable for Zexel PFR..K from 1 to 4 cyls. (1 wooden box)
  • 9562-ZX2 - suitable for Zexel PFR..K, PFR..MD and PFR..KD from 1 to 4 cyls. (1 wooden box, 2 camshafts)

These predefined configurations are not exhaustive, just a few ready-to-use packages, developed as a result of hearing market demands.

Main applications not included in predefined configurations

9562-S2 is the part number of the mounting device for Bosch PFM1P100S1010  (0 414 401 106), 0414401106,  applied on DEUTZ KHD 02113002, 0211 3002, 2113002

Last, but not least: Marbed's universal cambox can be also used to test the Fuel Unit Pump ED0065902900-S 4896882 6590290 (i.e. Part Number 0414001003 and similars) for Lombardini LDW702 LDW1003 LDW1404 LDW1204/T Kohler KDW702 KDW1003 KDW1404 Engine. 

9562-FX is the part number of the mounting device

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