Your Secret Weapons in Diesel Fuel Injection Repairs

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Business opportunities in the diesel injection aftermarket

Marbed has a long history of building successful relationships with Marbed's Dealers. 

We offer powerful products and services that can help you to increase your sales and bottom line.

Marbed's Dealers Program

Marbed has developed a multi-tier program to enhance the quality of support and services delivered to end users from our Dealers.

Dealer's benefits extend your offer to the Marbed Tools

Marketing Tools

​Visibility on the interactive "Where to buy the MarbedTools" map


Each Marbed Dealer has the opportunity to advertise the exhibitions in which will take part. More people will find you.

Customised MarbedBook 

​Provide your customers with your personalised support

Promotion Program

A varied Promotions program is available to all Marbed Dealers who can replicate these incentives to their Customers.

Marbed PointOfPresence

About 2 meters tall, beautiful, persuasive without being pushy. Marbed-Pop is a sales tool for featuring each store, showroom or workshop, making it more pleasant and communicating that can instantly find Marbed tools.

Dealers Resources

Marbed Dealers Portal is the place for all the information and tools you need to successfully market your business and provide the best support for your customers. 

Dealer login

Dealer Resources are differentiated according the level you have joined. 

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- Why become a Marbed's Dealer? 

- What is the Marbed's Dealer Program?

- What to do to have the Marbed's POP (point of presence) ?

- Does Marbed handle shipping and Logistics?

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