Service Tools and test equipment Made in Italy , for the diesel fuel injection.

From Italy,   the global support   to the diesel injection aftermarket, common rail and conventional as well.


Enjoy the InjectionPower Repairing Programs and 
become an Independent Diesel Fuel Injection Specialist. 

How to service the common rail diesel pumps

Repairing program

for the common rail pumps

How to service the common rail diesel injectors

Repairing program

for the common rail injectors


What we do

Worldwide, InjectionPower supports the diesel injection aftermarket, with Marbed tools and Deteq test equipment.

The diesel fuel injection systems

The Diesel fuel injection is very important for any diesel engines, wherever it is applied (automotive, marine, rail road, agricolture, power generation, mining, defence).

The diesel fuel injection main components are the hight pressure pump and the injectors. They require high quality maintenance, to preserve fuel consumptions and pollution as well. 

The diesel fuel injection Specialists

The Diesel fuel injection Specialists are high expertice technicians requiring specialty service tools and innovative test equipment.

The technology evolution

With over than 30 years old experience in the specific market, our range of solutions covers the full evolution timeline, from the mechanically-controlled up to the latest common rail.


  • Full training to transfer the necessary skills to the effective repairs. 

  • Redeeming the Diesel Fuel Injection Specialists' Attitudes.

Training service to learn how to independently repair.