Your Secret Weapons in Diesel Fuel Injection Repairs

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InjectionPower repair program 

for diesel injectors

Diesel injectors are a key component in common rail diesel systems, responsible for injecting the precise amount of fuel into the combustion chamber at the right time and in the correct quantity. Ensuring these injectors are functioning properly is crucial for maintaining fuel efficiency and performance.

The InjectionPower Repair program is a modular and comprehensive tiered solution for the repair of common rail diesel injectors, equipped with electromagnetic or piezoelectric actuators, which are the two main types of technologies used in the Automotive, Agriculture, Industrial, and light Marine industries.

Covering all makes of diesel injectors,  including Bosch, Delphi, Denso, VDO, and L'Orange the InjectionPower Repair Program is an excellent fit for any diesel service workshop that works with (or plans to work with) common rail injectors, regardless of their current level of expertise or the specific challenges they face, from simple replacement to full overhaul.

Establishing a New Diesel Workshop

If you're planning to set up a new diesel service workshop, the InjectionPower program can provide you with the necessary tools, training, and support to start offering high-quality common rail injector repair services right from the start.

Expanding Services in an Existing Workshop

If you already run a diesel service workshop but haven't yet ventured into repairing common rail injectors, the InjectionPower program can help you expand your service offerings. This can attract a broader customer base and generate additional revenue.

Upgrading Skills and Equipment

For workshops that are already repairing common rail injectors but want to improve their efficiency, quality, or range of services, the InjectionPower program offers advanced training and state-of-the-art equipment to take your operations to the next level.

Keeping Up with Technology

Diesel engine technology is constantly evolving, and staying up-to-date is crucial for any successful workshop. The InjectionPower program ensures you're always equipped with the latest knowledge and tools to handle modern common rail systems.

Dealing with Complex Injector Problems

If you often encounter complex or unusual injector issues that standard repair methods can't resolve, the in-depth training and technical support provided by the InjectionPower program can equip you with the skills and resources to tackle these challenging problems.

Improving Repair Quality

If your workshop is facing issues with repair quality, leading to customer complaints or returned jobs, the InjectionPower program's focus on quality assurance can help you enhance your repair processes and outcomes.

This program stands out due to its modular approach that allows for step-by-step diagnosis and repair.

Modular Approach

However, the real strength of the InjectionPower Repair program lies in its modular design. Each module of the program can be tailored to fit your specific needs, whether you're focusing on a particular type of injector or dealing with certain brands like Bosch, Delphi, Denso, or VDO-Siemens-Continental.

In other words, you can choose which aspects of the program are most relevant to your business and customize your package accordingly. This flexibility allows you to create a repair program that is perfectly suited to your requirements, ensuring maximum return on investment.

Garage Level

The Garage level is tailored for vehicle repair shops that need to replace problematic injectors with new or reconditioned ones. It offers a straightforward solution for shops dealing with common injector issues, ensuring vehicles return to the road as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Pro Level

The Pro level is designed for workshops looking to interact more directly with the injector and its main components. This includes the replacement of the nozzle and other spare parts. By offering this level of interaction, InjectionPower allows workshops to perform more detailed work on injectors, increasing their service offerings and enhancing their expertise.

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Clinic Level

The Clinic level represents the highest level of specialization. The Injector Clinic is a network of qualified service centers that specialize in the complete overhaul of each diesel common rail and conventional injector. These clinics are equipped to handle the most complex injector repairs and overhauls, making them an invaluable resource for the automotive industry.

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The test method

Unlike other repair strategies, the InjectionPower Repair program focuses on isolating each injector from the other components for individual testing. This method ensures that each injector is thoroughly examined for any faults, thus ensuring a thorough and efficient repair process.

Once the quality of the injector's reaction has been confirmed, the program then moves on to verify the operations of electronically controlled sensors and actuators. This approach ensures that not only the injector itself but also the associated electronic components, are functioning correctly.

Overall, the InjectionPower Repair program offers a systematic and efficient way to diagnose and repair common rail diesel injectors, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Quality Assurance

The program ensures that all repairs meet high-quality standards, resulting in fewer returns or complaints from customers.

Increased Efficiency

The program provides tools and procedures that streamline the repair process, reducing turnaround times and increasing workshop productivity.

Training and Education

The program includes comprehensive training, ensuring your technicians are fully equipped with the latest knowledge and skills to repair common rail injectors effectively.

Competitive Edge

Investing in the InjectionPower program can give your workshop a competitive edge by allowing you to offer specialized services that others may not.

Cost Savings

By improving efficiency and reducing errors, the program can help you save on operational costs in the long run.


The modular nature of the program means that you can tailor it to suit your specific needs and budget. You can choose the modules that are most relevant to your business.

Technical Support

You'll have access to ongoing technical support to help troubleshoot any issues and keep your operations running smoothly.

Customer Satisfaction

By providing high-quality, reliable repairs, you can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Up-to-date Knowledge

The program ensures you stay current with the latest technologies and repair techniques in the rapidly evolving field of diesel engine repair.


With the increasing prevalence of common rail technology in modern diesel engines, investing in this program ensures your workshop stays relevant and ready to handle future demands.

 Every workshop is unique, so the specific benefits you experience may vary depending on your existing capabilities, the types of vehicles you service, and other factors. But overall, the InjectionPower Modular Program offers a comprehensive solution that can enhance nearly every aspect of your common rail injector repair services. 

The InjectionPower Repair program is designed around a modular and customizable approach, recognizing that different businesses have unique needs and circumstances. This step-by-step strategy ensures that users can tailor the program to their specific requirements, making it a versatile solution for a wide range of applications.

Independent Solutions

    • Oriented to repair

    • Skilled and Simple Procedures

    • Easy-to-work approach

    • Multi-brand tools and test -equipment.

Integrated Solutions

    • 1st Class Specialty Tools

    • Smart Test Equipment

    • InjectionPower Academy

    • 30 years of experience in the field

    • 24 months warranty


Step-by-step approach

    • Open to the Future

    • Invest in what and when you need

    • Reliable expertise

Detailing the 3-tier modular program

The GARAGE level

Suitable for vehicle repair shops that have the need to replace injectors presenting problems, with new or reconditioned injectors. 
Currently, this level is not subject to any further deeper options.


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The first step to service the common rail injectors.

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The professional level

The Inj-PRO level is suitable to workshops who wish to interact with the injector and its main components; in particular the replacement of the nozzle and other spare parts.

The PRO-EM is the mandatory module which can be completed with two others, for specific applications.

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the injpro-em module

The InjPro-EM Module is the basic set of tools to service the common rail injectors equipped with an electromagnetic actuator (also known as solenoid).

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the injpro-hd module

The Pro-HD module is designed to complete the Pro-EM module, on the matter of special tools on Heavy Duty injectors.

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the injpro-pz module

The Pro-PZ module has been thought as

 completion of the Pro-EM module, strictly related to piezo injectors.

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The clinic level

Suitable for a service of complete overhaul of each injector. Is the highest level of specialization.

The BASIC module is mandatory and allows to overhaul all-makes injectors with electromagnetic actuators.

The InjClinic-Basic module can be completed by 3 profiles even more specific:

      • ** PZ, or for injectors with piezoelectric actuators

      • ** HD, or for injectors used on heavy vehicles

      • ** AM, or requirements for technologically advanced

the three profiles can be implemented individually, but still require the initial stage Basic.

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the InjCli-Basic module

This module is suitable for a complete overhaul of each individual injector. It is the highest level of specialization.

Focused on the injectors with electromagnetic actuator, the InjCli-Basic Module can be further integrated with other modules of the same Clinic Level.

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This module is suitable for a complete overhaul of each individual injector equipped with electromagnetic actuator applied on Heavy Duty vehicles.

The InjCli-HD Module requires the InjCli-Basic Module, which represents the highest level of specialisation.

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the incli-pz module

This module is suitable for a complete overhaul of each individual injector equipped with piezoelectric actuator,.

The InjCli-PZ Module requires the InjCli-Basic Module, which represents the highest level of specialisation.

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One key aspect of this package is the training facility offered at the InjectionPower premises in Italy. This provides a unique opportunity for customers to receive hands-on experience and expert guidance on how to effectively use the tools and equipment provided. 

The training ensures that users can maximize the benefits of the repair program and handle injector issues efficiently and professionally.