Your Secret Weapons in Diesel Fuel Injection Repairs

​Marbed's Tools

Specialty Hand-Tools  ​for Diesel Fuel Injection Aftermarket

Specialty diesel tools for servicing the diesel fuel injection equipment.

For easier and quick identification of the required tool, the Marbed range is organized into three colored sections: ​

  1. Green  (equipment for test bench)

  2. Red  (tools for diesel fuel injection pumps)

  3. Blue  (tools for diesel fuel injectors)

 Each specific sub-areas (section) has a proper number

Equipment for test benches (1)

Tools for pumps (2)

Tools for injectors (3)


Mechanical engineering

We seek the materials and the most appropriate treatments.

Internally we design our tools with the latest generation of Computer-Aided-Design.

The production is made by third parties in Italy carefully selected in the course of the years, for the characteristics of flexibility, professionalism and specialization.

To ensure the best quality, continuous controls are actuated.

Assembling and testing procedures are well defined and constantly updated.


Distinctive packaging 

Marbed's Tools are sealed one by one and the packaging is simple, clean, and essential.
The label indicates the part number and barcode.
The new logo immediately makes intelligible what is inside.
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Private label and Custom solutions

We had a few successful experiences in offering Private Label solutions to OESs and IAMs, who choose to rely on our experience.

Marbed is open to evaluating new strategic Partnerships.
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