InjectionPower is proud to introduce

The brand of Innovative Test Equipment for the Diesel Injection Aftermarket

From Italy, the worldwide support to the diesel injection aftermarket


The variety and complexity  of the diesel fuel injection equipment in the market makes the repair like a maze?

Your path through is DETEQ

Supporting the diesel fuel injection specialists to make it easy:

The three pillars for your Diesel Service


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testing the diesel injectors

Whatever your diesel injectors are 

  • electromagnetic controlled - common rail

  • piezoelectric controlled -  common rail

  • single spring actuated - mechanical 

  • double spring actuated - mechanical 

Whatever your Industry is

  • Automotive

  • Industrial

  • Railroad

  • Marine

Dit31 can test them all!


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testing the electronically controlled diesel pumps. 

If you want to test these pumps

  • Bosch CP1, CP1H, CP2, CP3, CP4 common rail

  • Bosch H,M,P,R ,VE-EDC, VE-HDK

  • Bosch, VP44, VR30

  • Delphi DPCN

  • Delphi DFP1, DFP2 common rail

  • Delphi DP210, DP310,

  • Denso HP3, HP4, HP0 common rail

  • Denso ECV-V3, ECV-V4, ECV-V5 

  • Zexel VRZ, Covec-T, Covec-F1/F2 

  • Siemens-VDO-Continental common rail

It doesn't mean you need countless control units:​

One is enough: ERT45R is the good one!


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testing the mechanical diesel pumps

The diesel fuel injection pump test bench is still the heart of any diesel shop, even if the concept evolved a little bit.

​Electronics strongly joined the diesel injection systems, but any pump still requires a driving device to run.

​Do not assume that all the test benches are the same: try to work on a SPP Test Bench.

You'll understand what Stability, Power control, Simplicity of use, No-noise and Safety mean!