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The Marbed Book 2013

This edition is focused on the common rail systems only.

In the Red section you can find the tools for the common rail pumps (Bosch CP1, Bosch CP2, Bosch CP3, Bosch CP4, Delphi Denso HP3 and HP4, Denso Hp0, VDO-Continental).

In the Blue section you can find the tools for the common rail injectors (Bosch, Delphi, Denso and  VDO)

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The Marbed Book 2011

This edition has introduced the categories, so that the tools has been grouped by application.

the Red color refers to the pumps,

the Blu color refers to the injectors. 

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The Marbed Book 2003

This edition has been distributed for many years, all around the world.

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