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Your Guide Through the Diesel Injection Maze

For diesel fuel injection specialists, navigating through the intricate world of diesel technology can be quite a challenge. 

With diverse technologies applied to diesel fuel injection pumps and injectors to meet pollution and consumption regulations, the complexity of the diesel injection aftermarket can feel like a maze. 

But there's no need to worry, Deteq is here to guide you.

With over three decades of experience in the diesel and electrical test equipment field, Deteq products set the industry standard for reliability and precision.

Deteq's engineers understand that in this intricate field, accuracy is of utmost importance. This helps specialists diagnose and resolve issues swiftly and effectively. 

At Deteq, the focus is on creating products that assist specialists in delivering the best service to their customers. In an industry where time equates to money, Deteq’s test equipment are designed to be user-friendly and efficient, saving time without compromising on accuracy. ​  

The three pillars for your Diesel  Service

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DIT31: universal test bench for diesel injectors


  • 电磁控制-共轨

  • 压电控制-共轨

  • 单弹簧驱动 - 机械

  • 双弹簧驱动 - 机械


  • 汽车

  • 工业的

  • Railroad

  • 海洋

Dit31 可以全部测试!


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  • 博世CP1、CP1H、CP2、CP3、CP4共轨

  • 博世 H,M,P,R ,VE-EDC, VE-HDK

  • 博世、VP44、VR30

  • 德尔福DPCN

  • 德尔福 DFP1、DFP2 共轨

  • 德尔福DP210、DP310、

  • 电装 HP3、HP4、HP0 共轨

  • 电装 ECV-V3、ECV-V4、ECV-V5

  • Zexel VRZ、Covec-T、Covec-F1/F2

  • 西门子-VDO-大陆共轨


一个就够了:ERT45R 是最好的!


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不要假设所有的测试台都是一样的:尝试在 SPP 测试台上工作。



Driving diesel excellence, one injection at time

Deteq offers the most innovative solutions to professionally check and calibrate common rail and conventional diesel fuel injection components, keeping the service center ahead of the competition.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Deteq's equipment is designed to be robust and durable, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and servicing.

Less Learning Costs

The user-friendly design and interface of Deteq's equipment make it easy to learn and operate, saving on training costs.

Time Efficiency

Deteq's test equipment is designed for quick and accurate testing, which can save significant time for diesel service centers, enabling them to serve more customers.

Improved Precision and Accuracy

Overhauling diesel fuel injectors and pumps with Deteq's innovative test equipment provides unmatched precision and accuracy, allowing for more reliable services and customer satisfaction

Extensible Application Fields

The application fields of basic test benches can be extended
at any time, making the equipment versatile and future-proof.

Smart Investment

The value derived from the combination of all these benefits makes investing in Deteq's test equipment a smart business decision for any diesel fuel injection specialist.