InjectionPower is proud to introduce

The brand of Innovative Test Equipment for the Diesel Injection Aftermarket

desde italia, el soporte a nivel mundial para la reparacion de la INYECCIÓN diesel


¿La variedad y complejidad de los equipos de inyección de combustible diesel en el mercado hacen que la reparación sea como un laberinto?

Su ruta de salida es a través de DETEQ.

Ayudando a los especialistas en inyección de diesel para que sea más fácil:

Los tres pilares para su Servicio Diesel.


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Whatever your diesel injectors are 

  • electromagnetic controlled - common rail

  • piezoelectric controlled -  common rail

  • single spring actuated - mechanical 

  • double spring actuated - mechanical 

Whatever your Industry is

  • Automotive

  • Industrial

  • Railroad

  • Marine

Dit31 can test them all!


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testing the electronically controlled diesel pumps. 

If you want to test these pumps

  • Bosch CP1, CP1H, CP2, CP3, CP4 common rail

  • Bosch H,M,P,R ,VE-EDC, VE-HDK

  • Bosch, VP44, VR30

  • Delphi DPCN

  • Delphi DFP1, DFP2 common rail

  • Delphi DP210, DP310,

  • Denso HP3, HP4, HP0 common rail

  • Denso ECV-V3, ECV-V4, ECV-V5 

  • Zexel VRZ, Covec-T, Covec-F1/F2 

  • Siemens-VDO-Continental common rail

It doesn't mean you need countless control units:​

One is enough: ERT45R is the good one!


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testing the mechanical diesel pumps

The diesel fuel injection pump test bench is still the heart of any diesel shop, even if the concept evolved a little bit.

​Electronics strongly joined the diesel injection systems, but any pump still requires a driving device to run.

​Do not assume that all the test benches are the same: try to work on a SPP Test Bench.

You'll understand what Stability, Power control, Simplicity of use, No-noise and Safety mean!