Your Secret Weapons in Diesel Fuel Injection Repairs

Clinic Level - Basic Module Module. InjectionPower®, Repair Program for common rail injectors.

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The Injector Clinic Basic module includes:
- Test bench for testing injectors individually, one by one
- Triggering unit programmable, by microchip cards
- Cables for electromagnetic Bosch, Delphi, Denso injectors
- Training course with the release of the vocational qualification certificate
- Assorted calibrating shims for Bosch injectors
- Station for measuring thicknesses (with digital millesimal gauge)
- Precision instrument for detecting the ball lift
- Ultrasonic cleaning box
- Magnifier on adjustable arm, with built-in lighting
- Tool for regenerating the ball seat valves (Bosch)
- Professional microscope

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Application field: Common rail injectors

what you get

DIT31 test bench
TC38 triggering unit
Precision instrument for detecting the ball lift
Ultrasonic cleaner
Seal recover tool
Calibrating shims box
Millesimal gauges


Test mechanical and double spring injectors 
Electrically controlled actuator management 
Test and trigger the electromagnetic actuator of Bosch CRI and CRIN injectors and automatically detect the ball lift for the 3rd stage repair. 
For perfectly clean of injector`s components 
To recover the sealing between the ball and the valve 
Complete assortment of 850 pieces for Bosch CRI and CRIN injectors. 
For the calibrating shims' measurement 
To acquire the necessary skills and start gathering your return


I need to test all brands of common rial injectors (Bosch, Dephi, Denso and Siemens). Is this machine suitable for this job?

Yes of course! Our solution supply includes a set of connection cable for all the injectors brands!

Are technical data available for the injectors reconditioning ?

Sure! A collection for the most common injectors are included with the test bench supply.

Additional data are on request.

I need to supply my Customers wıth a test certification of the injectors. How can I do it?

For any injector tested, the DIT31 prints a test report, customized with your Company logo, date and time of the test and all the tests done on this injectors with the results.