Dial gauge bearing

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Dial gauge bearing tool box to survey the delivery start on rotary and line BOSCH pumps

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Introducing the comprehensive Dial Gauge Holder Toolkit (9732), a must-have for any diesel workshop:


Specifically designed to acquire the start-of-delivery measurement on Bosch in-line and rotary diesel fuel injection pumps.

In-line Pump Holder

A versatile holder that can be mounted on M12x1.5 or M14x1.5 threads, allowing for fuel outlet.

Dial Gauges

Comes with two precision dial gauges, both have a resolution of 0.01mm for accurate readings.:

One with a 40mm diameter and a 5mm measuring range.
One with a 63mm diameter and a 10mm measuring range.


All parts are safely stored in a prestigious wooden box for easy replacement and readiness for the next job.

Rotary Pump Holders

Two holders for M8x1 threads for EP/VE pumps – one shorter, one longer, plus a set of three smaller holders suitable for EP/VA..B, and ..C types of pumps.

Additional Equipment

Includes a selection of rods in different lengths, thread adapters, and a magnet to be screwed on the dial gauge rod.

The Dial Gauge Holder Toolkit (Marbed part number 9732) is more than just a collection of parts. 

It's your reliable partner for delivering precise, efficient, and high-quality service every time. 

Equip your workshop with the tools it deserves!