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Forming kit on 9376-D press, for 8mm external diameter steel pipes.

Part Number (SKU): 9376-DP8
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The 9376-DP8 Forming Kit comes equipped with a forming head to attach to the press stem, two conical semi-shells that function as a clamp to hold the pipe during the forming operation, and a gauge to determine the exact measure where to lock the pipe, leaving the part to be deformed free.

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If you're a diesel mechanic, then you know that having the right nipple forming tool is essential.

A leaking connection can be very frustrating and expensive to fix. But now, with our nipple forming tool, you can build your own pipeline exactly how you want it!

We offer a standard 60° die for both the 6 and 8 mm diameter, as well as a special common-rail die for the 6 mm diameter.

So don't go another day without the perfect nipple forming tool - get yourself a nipple die today!