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Adapter for injector tester

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Tool for testing Man diam.29 injectors

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Key features and benefits:

Designed for Diesel Injection Specialists, who need an easy-to-use system to plug those injectors which are not equipped with the inlet fitting.

It offers a basic injector holder together with an advanced connection system which is able to preserve the injector, whatever is the number of tests to do.

Planned goals:

  • Combine both the need for a professional test and the exigence to ensure the efficiency of the engine, keeping it free from leaks.

Injector holder

  • The nominal receptacle diameter is 29 mm
  • The longitudinal section of the receptacle hole has a specific profile.
  • The angular position of the inlet is regular.

Advanced connection system

  • The pipe cone is not forced to rotate during connection and disconnection operations.
  • The conical seat on the injector body is free of damage, due to the fact that the pipe doesn't rotate.


  • The additional device facilitates the injector removal.

Important note

  • Bosch STH diesel injectors applied to Mercedes Actros engines (0432191462, 0432191503)
  • Bosch CRIN diesel injectors applied to MAN and CNHTC engines (0445120031, 0445120045, 0445120098, 0445120099, 0445120105, 0445120147, 0445120148, 0445120162, 0445120186, 0445120368, 0445120441, 0445120484, 0445120491, 0445120578, 0445120579, 0445120617, 0445120618, 0445120652, 0445120653, 0 445 120 045​)

feature with 29 mm nominal diameter and come with a conical hole and no thread because the inlet stud assembly is designed to fit directly into the conical hole, providing a secure seal for fuel injection.

To interface these injectors with a test bench, you may need a specific adapter block that's designed to hold the injector and at the same time allow a standard M14x1,5 mm connection for the fuel supply.
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