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[87.21.1001] DIT31 4.0

DIT31-4.0 - Diesel injector test bench with database
The DIT31-4.0 test bench is an innovative solution for testing common rail (electromagnetic and piezoelectric), mechanical (traditional and stepped) and 2-stage (double spring) injectors.
The applied technology allows the test parameters to be reliably determined at each injection and with greater precision and resolution, compared to the use of test cycles long enough to collect a measurable quantity of fuel.

Main features:
- large touch screen for managing all functions via virtual buttons
- ethernet connection
- database where to save the test data
- additional digital services, optional
- automatic test procedure
- customizable trial procedure (subscription)
- Main tank 3 liters. with 15 micron filter
- Separate container for collecting contaminated liquid
- Large nebulization chamber with fume extraction and halogen lamp
- Pneumatically driven pump group, the standard version is suitable up to 1600 BAR (10 BAR compressed air is required).
- Pneumatic vice for automatic blocking of the injector
- selection of reading scale (BAR / PSI)
- On-board printer to generate the test report; however, through a specific application (subscription) it is possible to access the acquired data and print reports with any office printer (ethernet)
- Program for conventional injectors: measurement of NOP (nozzle opening pressure) and calculation of holding time.
- Program for double spring injectors: measurement of NOP1 (1st stage) and NOP2 (2nd stage), calculation of holding time and determination of K factor.
- Test procedure for non-return injectors

- program for common rail injectors: identification of the return flow (holding time), idle, opening delay, injection time and quantity of fuel injected (dp) on 6 distinct points in specific conditions, to obtain a complete mapping of the injectors.
- built-in electrical controls

The supply is complete with:

Injector connection cables for electromagnetic and piezoelectric applications:
• Denso: TOYOTA (2 and 4 poles)

Fixing system for industrial injectors:
Bosch: DAF, IVECO Tector and similar
• Bosch: IVECO, RENAULT Premium and similar
• Bosch: Mercedes Actros and similar
• Bosch: MACK and similar
• Bosch: MAN and similar
• Delphi: Smart Daf and similar
• Dense: John Deere and similar

Customized packaging for transportation

- 24 months warranty. Use and maintenance manual in English.

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