Your Secret Weapons in Diesel Fuel Injection Repairs

ERT45R programming kit to test the rotary Bosch VP44-VR30 pumps.

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The kit includes:
- Programming card that allows Simulator ERT45R to actuate the necessary functions to test this type of pump.
- basic cable (2 mt. Length)
- adapter cables
- servicing manual with step-by-step illustrated instructions
- Registration form to receive the test plan for the calibration of Bosch VP44/VR30 pumps. The available
test data are supplied separately free of charge, after having accepted the licence agreement.

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This programming kit seamlessly integrates with the ERT45R control unit, forming a comprehensive testing solution. 


Despite being around for nearly two decades, Bosch VP44 and VR30 pumps remain pivotal in the diesel engine landscape due to their widespread application and reliable performance. 

Given the wide usage of Bosch VP44 and VR30 pumps across various engines, from passenger cars to commercial trucks and marine engines, the ERT45R Programming Kit, when used alongside the ERT45R control unit, provides a complete testing solution to efficiently diagnose and repair these pumps.

A Deep Dive into the Unique Features of the Specific Management Software 

The pulse wheel


The injection control


The Timing Control Valve


The advance piston travel


ECU flashing and programming is not available!



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