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how to mount and drive Bosch common rail CP3 pump P/N 0 445 020 175

I need driving coupling and mounting flange for a Bosch common rail CP3 pump (Part number 0 445 020 175). 

Can you help? I'm attaching a picture of it.

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Thank you for reaching out with your inquiry and providing a picture for reference. Your Bosch common rail CP3 pump (Part number 0 445 020 175) does indeed have a 25 mm conical shaft and 3 through holes at 120 degrees, as per the image you've shared.

To meet your needs, we recommend the Marbed 8155-E mounting flange and the Marbed 9462-B coupling.

The Marbed 8155-E is a versatile, multi-application mounting flange that comes with 3 centering rings for hubs 50, 60, 68, plus a special one for CP1K only. It has 11 threaded and pass-through holes, designed to accommodate virtually all common rail pumps.

As for your pump, which is a CP3S3 type commonly used in MAN applications, it may feature a splined shaft. In such cases, the Marbed 8152-11 would be the appropriate component. If the pump has a wider hub diameter, the Marbed 8216-M would be the suitable choice. This particular flange is versatile as it can be used with both externally lubricated and non-lubricated pumps. Additionally, it can also be utilized with CP2 pumps.

Bosch common rail CP2 (and CP3 pumps for MAN applications) require external lubrication,. just in case your current test bench does not already have this feature, we recommend the Marbed 8217.

The Marbed 8217 is a comprehensive solution that provides external lubrication for such pumps. This product is designed to be a ready-to-use solution, making it a practical choice if your existing test bench lacks a lubrication system1.