Start Repair Instead of Exchange: 
it is more convenient for the repairers, but also for the engine owner!

The repair concept

Differently form other repairing strategies, the InjectionPower Repair program realizes that usually, a cambox with a simulator is not capable to provide with parameters to test the responsiveness of the actuator (electromagnetic or piezoelectric), which is very important to determinate the flow instantly.

Furthermore there in no information concerning the leakage of the valve.

The pumping element design normally allows 2.000.00 Km, so that the most recurring spare parts are nozzle, spring and O-rings.

After having proved the reaction quality of the injector, it makes sense to verify the operations of the electronically controlled sensors and actuators.

For this reasons, The InjectionPower Alliance repair concept is focused on testing the nozzle, on any pop tester. This is possible by a wide range of adapters

In conjunction, TP03 is recommended to check the leakage time and accurate pressure measurement.

The resistance and continuity of the actuator is easy, by a multimeter.