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Testing mechnical conventional injectors
with DIT31 test bench
7 December, 2020 by
Testing mechnical conventional injectors
Massimiliano Gandini (Max)

During the test cycle DIT31 shows <strong>opening pressure</strong> of the injector and detects the leakage time to establish the parameter of sides stability of injector.

DIT31 is able to simulate any critical condition of functioning; both, with a full and minimun load.

After having selected the program1, press the START button to start the pumping unit.

The DRAIN command allows to quickly fill the pipe and the injector.

Adjust the flow of the liquid with the ADJUST control to obtain any operating condition, while DIT31 automatically repeats the test cycle.

For each chatter DIT31 shows the nozzle opening pressure.

The cycle stops by pressing the STOP command.

DIT31 calculates the leakage time as evidence of the nozzle <strong>seat leakage

.The test report can be printed.

For  the CONVENTIONAL technologie the proper function allowing the <strong>fast filling that is a trick to flush the injector.

The flow control is via the ADJUST command, allowing to simulate even the most critical operating conditions.

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