Testing Mechanical two stages injectors
with DIT31 test bench
7 December, 2020 by
Testing Mechanical two stages injectors
Massimiliano Gandini (Max)

DIT31 is extremely suitable for the testing of the 2-stage injectors: automatically it detects the <strong>opening pressure of the frst and second spring.

DIT31 also provides a benchmark index of the flow (K factor).

After having selected the program 2, the test of the first stage is equivalent to the test of a traditional mechanical injector.

The second stage is activated only when the proper 2 SPRING button is pressed: from that moment the test cycle automatically alternates the chatters at the first and second pressure stage.

DIT31 display these values with the parameters P1 and P2

For each chatter, DIT31 also calculates the K factor as a reference of the flow.

Injector flushing

For  the TWO-STAGE MECHANICAL technology the proper function allowing the fast filling that is a trick to flush the injector.

The flow control is via the ADJUST command, allowing to simulate even the most critical operating conditions.

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