Testing Bosch VE pumps on ERT45R simulator
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Testing Bosch VE pumps on ERT45R simulator
Massimiliano Gandini (Max)


ERT45R is the universal control unit to test the electronically controlled diesel fuel injection pumps.

Like a personal computer (PC), ERT45R can load different programs, depending of the pump to test.

For each pump, the correspondent program is available, as part of the appropriate programming kit.

Loading the program is an easy operation: in fact in the programming kit a smartcard is provided (simitar to a credit card with microchip installed). Just insert the card in the slot to let the ERT45R read it and be ready to specifically operate on that pump.

All the available measurements as well as the figures and functions are displayed on the liquid crystal screen (LCD) which is modified by the software

Operative details on Bosch VE pumps

Actuator technology. Bosch VE pumps had a technological evolution concerning the regulator. The first step has been the resistive actuator, while the second sted has been the inductive actuator. For this reason, ERT45R has available two different programming kit, one for each of them. Double check at the time of the order.

Position control. Whatever it is the technology of the installed regulator, the position of the actuator is function of the mV OUT value displayed in the Actuator box. While the setting is done adjusting the mV IN value. The adjustment can be done in three different ways:

  • using the + and - keys

  • using the F1 key, allowing to simulate the accelerator pedal

  • using the F3 key to recall memorized setting, in order to speedup the test of the pump.

Electric protections. ERT45R detects the limit conditions of open circuit and short circuit and automatically cuts the power supply to preserve both the regulator and the control unit as well. Furthermore, in case of overload the power supply is automatically cutted.

Anytime, the value of the consumed current is always available to let aware the operator.

Temperature sensor. ERT45R reads the signal from the sensor inside the acturator and let it available on the scrren. In case of open circuit as well as of short-circuit, appropriate error codes are displayed.

Advance valve. ERT45R controls also the advance valve in three modes:

  • On

  • Off

  • Modulated

Electronic advance reader. As an optional, the proper sensor is available to read the travel of the advance piston on many types of pumps. Several interfaces are available for Bosch VE, Delphi DPS/DPC/DP200, Denso VE.

If the optional sensor is connected, ERT45R reads the advance values in the appropriate measuring scale (mm or degrees) and let it available directly on the screen.

Setting the zero reference is always possible by the appropriate function.

Recommended optionals

Adapter cables. Any engine manufacturer has its onw standard concerning plugs and connectors, so that it is not true that all the pumps have the same connection system. For this reason, the cable system of ERT45R is composed by the long cable (2mt lenght) to be connected between the ERT45R control unit and the adapter cable, which is specific for all thos pumps having that specific connector. Here is the list of the avaialable adapter cables

Electronic advance reader. As above described, here is the advance sensor.

Temperature at the outlet of the pump. for these type of pumps, it is important to check the temperature of the calibration fluid at the outlet of the pump.

The special device VTR110 is the digital thermometer taking advantage of the overload valve to quickly reduce the temperature of the calibration liquid.

Electric tests on the actuator. Before connecting the regulator to the control unit it is recommended to check the static condition of the electric circuits inside the regulator. This operation can be done by a standard multimeter, but it is not easy to perform for many factors:

  1. everybody has two hands only, while it is necessary to handle the two test leads of the multimeter and the cable as well.

  2. the identification of the pins is not easy for dirty and the small size identifiers

  3. pin conbinations are not the same for all the pumps

To support the operator and make the test easier, the special device OTA is available

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