Your Secret Weapons in Diesel Fuel Injection Repairs

Base for swivel vice for assembling and disassembling diesel pumps

Part Number (SKU): 9260

EAN: 8053670082854
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Reinforced swivel base, for mounting / dismounting the injection pumps at the workbench.

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Marbed's Swivel Vice, 

a game-changer in your workshop

 that takes efficiency and versatility to the next level.

360-degree horizontal rotation

Marbed's Swivel Vice offers unparalleled stability, designed to be securely fixed on any worktable. 

The standout feature is its ability to allow a full 360-degree horizontal rotation. This means the operator can work from any angle, making the disassembly and assembly of diesel pumps more convenient than ever before. 

The handle is ergonomic to fit comfortably in the grip of the operator's hand to locks and unlocks the horizontal rotation, offering optimal positioning based on any specific needs.

360-degree vertical rotation

But that's not all. The top part of Marbed's Swivel Vice is designed to hold several accessories, depending on the type of pump you're working with. 

Each accessory can rotate 360 degrees vertically through the 28mm diameter rod

The rod's position can be effortlessly locked or unlocked with a dedicated second handle. The locking and unlocking mechanism is smooth and reliable, to warrant maximum stability.

user-friendly design

Marbed's Swivel Vice is meticulously designed to prioritize both security and comfort, ensuring a seamless user experience. It boasts a universal base, making it ultra-versatile for a broad range of applications

Whether you're working with smaller pumps or tackling heavy-duty tasks, the strong base ensures reliable performance every time

Moreover, with its user-friendly design, operating Marbed's Swivel Vice is incredibly straightforward, even for those new to using such equipment.

  • In short, Marbed's Swivel Vice is not just a tool; 
  • Its robust construction guarantees long-term durability.
  • It's an investment in efficiency, versatility, and reliability. 
  • It's the perfect companion for any professional seeking to streamline their workflow and improve productivity.