Simulator ERT45R
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ERT45R, the revolutionary electronic simulator for testing the electronically controlleddiesel injection pumps (both common rail and conventional).
The development of such a tool is the result of many years of research that have allowed the creation of a single universal device, programmable by smartcard (microchip cards). In this way, the field of application of the simulator (basic unit) is built to match the current needs.
The initial investment is preserved and at any time can be extended, choosing from the available programming kits (currently 21). Any programming kit includes:
- programming card (software)
- instruction manual with step-by-step illustrations.
- base cable (s) (length 2 m)
- adapter cable (s) depending on the type of connector on the pumps.
In order to use ERT45R, at least one programming kit is mandatory.

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The Heart of Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Testing 

The ERT45R Control Unit is the core of our system, a robust and portable unit designed with the user in mind,  to make the testing process as straightforward as possible. 

With an intuitive user interface, even those who are not familiar with diesel fuel injection systems can easily navigate through the testing process. This ensures that technicians can focus on accurately diagnosing and troubleshooting any issues with their diesel fuel injection pump.

It's a reliable piece of equipment that adapts to your needs, ensuring precise and efficient testing of diesel fuel injection pumps. 

Experience the difference today.

LCD Graphic Screen

The control unit is equipped with an LCD graphic screen providing a clear and easy-to-navigate interface. This interface changes in accordance with the type of pump being tested, ensuring a seamless user experience tailored to your specific testing requirements.

Logic Keys

The control unit features four logic keys - up, down, select, and enter. These keys allow for easy navigation and selection within the system, making operation simple and straightforward.

Programmable Function Keys

In addition to the logic keys, the control unit also has four programmable function keys. These keys change their function based on the type of pump being tested, providing flexibility and adaptability. 

Smart Card Reader

At the heart of the programming process is the smart card reader. Each type of pump has its own smart card which programs the central unit, ensuring precise and accurate testing for each pump type.

Power Supply

The ERT45R Control Unit is a versatile device that can be powered by both 110 and 230 V AC, making it suitable for use in different countries. Each unit is supplied with a power cord specific to the power plugs used in your country.


On the back of the unit, there are four connectors that are used to plug in the basic cable specific to each type of pump. These connectors can also be used to attach any necessary accessories. 

Reliable Electronic Components

The control unit is equipped with highly accurate and reliable electronic components that are activated or disabled based on the type of pump being tested. This ensures optimal performance and reliability at all times.

The combination of adaptability, ease of use, precision, reliability, versatility, and efficiency makes ERT45R an invaluable asset for any diesel technician. 

ERT45R is a comprehensive solution that offers diesel technicians a smarter, more efficient way to test diesel fuel injection pumps


This system's unique ability to adapt to different pump types is a game-changer. It means that technicians no longer need separate equipment for each pump type - the ERT45R has it all covered. This adaptability translates into significant cost savings and a cleaner, less cluttered workspace.


The smart card reader ensures precise programming for each pump type, leading to more accurate testing results. This precision can greatly improve repair outcomes and increase customer satisfaction.


With its ability to operate on both 115 and 230 V AC power, the ERT45R can be used anywhere in the world. This makes it an ideal choice for technicians who work in different locations or countries.

Ease of Use

With its intuitive interface and logic keys, the ERT45R is designed to be user-friendly. The programmable function keys change their function based on the type of pump being tested, reducing the learning curve and making it easy even for less tech-savvy users to operate the unit.


The ERT45R is built with high-quality, reliable electronic components that are activated or disabled based on the pump type. This means fewer malfunctions and a longer lifespan for the unit, resulting in less downtime and more productive work hours.


By consolidating the functions of multiple pieces of equipment into a single, portable unit, the ERT45R improves workflow efficiency. Technicians can perform tests quicker and easier, freeing up time for other tasks.

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