InjectionPower®, программа ремонта форсунок Common Rail - Уровень дизель механик

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Модуль «Гараж» включает в себя:
- Набор съемников (универсальных и специальных) для инжекторов Bosch, Delphi, Denso и VDO-Contiental
- развертка с резцами для чистки сиденья в корпусе двигателя
- Ассортимент медных шайб, с съемником

Область применения: Common rail injectors


most popular pullers
selection of copper washers
reamer with cutters
return-flow visualizer

what you can do

take off the faulty inj
install the new inj
clean the inj seat


Can I buy this Package only?

If you are not engaged with ın repairing injectors, there is no reason you buy the other Packages. Should your attitudes evolve, the Garage Level can grow according your requirements.

Is this package limited to the tools included?

This package include the basic equipment strictly required to the 1st service on common rail injectors. However, many other tools are available to integrate the package in basis of your needs.

Is the Package for Bosch only?

Injectors manufactured by Bosch are the most popular, therefore it is usual that the majority of the tools are oriented in this direction, even if the package is open to Delphi, Denso and VDO as well.