Ihre Geheimwaffen bei der Reparatur von Diesel-Kraftstoffeinspritzungen

Make Diesel Pump Testing Easy 

with Deteq's ERT45R system

ERT45R Modular Solution, designed especially for diesel mechanics, 

service centers, and technicians around the world. 

It's a smart and simple way to increase profits and offer top-notch service to your customers.

ERT45R, the unique piece of equipment

ERT45R is the only universal control unit being programmable by microchip cards, to test the electronically controlled diesel fuel injection pumps (common rail included), manufactured by Bosch, Caterpillar, Delphi, Denso, Siemens-VDO and Zexel.

In Engine Remanufacturing Workshops

ERT45R is applied to save time (and money) avoiding to install all the sensors and actuators necessary to the ECU to start the engine on the test bench

In Specialized diesel Service Centers

ERT45R is applied to check the functions and calibrate the pump, on any test bench.

Whether you're working on common rail, rotary, or inline pumps, the ERT45R adapts with ease, thanks to its range of tailored kits. 

This versatility means you can meet the rapidly evolving demands of the industry, keeping your service ahead of the curve.

Innovate Your Services

Unmatched Modularity

The ERT45R adapts to your changing needs, testing 24 different families of diesel pumps with ease.

Investment Efficiency

Avoid redundant, costly investments with our modular solutions that grow with your business.

Versatile Application 

From cars to boats, cater to a wide array of vehicles with state-of-the-art diesel pump testing capabilities.

Why Choose Deteq's ERT45R?


LOWER TCO (Total Costo Of Ownership)

ERT45R solution allows any diesel injection specialists to have the equivalent of numerous simulators in only one piece of equipment.  

Less maintenance costs, less learning costs, less time-lost.


At any time, the control unit can be upgraded to meet new evolving needs, by simply adding the correspondent programming kit.


The modularity of the system grants to implement custom solutions, built on the specialists' requirements, in accordance with the current budget.


The system is virtually unlimited, open through new operating kit that will be developed in the future.