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A: Our newsletter includes the latest industry trends, exclusive tips, product highlights, and special offers to keep you ahead in the diesel injection specialist field.

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A: No, creating an account with us is completely free and also includes a subscription to our informative newsletter.

A: With an account, you gain access to exclusive features such as personalized communication, access to pricing, and your own dashboard to manage documents like quotations, order confirmations, delivery orders, invoices, and support tickets. 

Plus, you can join private forums, rate, and review products.

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3. Accelerate Your Business

Elevate your diesel fuel injection service efficiency by investing in our premium specialty hand tools and testing equipment. 

The InjectionPower Membership provides a suite of benefits, starting at a yearly investment of €5000.

Our top clients maximize their investment through exclusive discounts and resources offered by the InjectionPower Membership, aiming to enhance their services and technical expertise with top-tier tools.

Become part of a community dedicated to excellence and advancement in the diesel injection service industry.

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A: If you plan to invest more than 5000 EUR, applying for membership is a smart choice. Simply click on "JOIN NOW" to open the page with all the details on Features, Benefits and Pricing. Choose the membership profile that mostly suites your case and click on "BUY NOW". Fill out the application form, and we'll immediately entitled to save.

A: Membership entitles you to automatic discounts on purchases, a listing in our interactive global directory of diesel injection specialists, a personal dashboard for accessing all your documents, and the ability to rate and review products. Members also enjoy access to our private forums for exclusive discussions.

A: Absolutely! We welcome new Customers to apply for membership. Whether you're new or have been using our services without an account, membership is open to anyone meeting the investment threshold who seeks to gain more from their relationship with us.

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Massimiliano Gandini, co-founder & CEO

Unlock an exclusive opportunity to engage one-on-one with Massimiliano Gandini, the co-founder and CEO of InjectionPower. 

This is your chance to gain insights, ask questions, and discuss opportunities directly.

Whether you’re seeking advice, curious about our future directions, or interested in personalized solutions, Massimiliano is here to help.

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